Voter Hotline: 1-800-342-0823 ext. 6000

How To Register

In order to register to vote, you must fill out, sign, and submit the voter registration application. You can register to vote by mail or in person.

If you register by mail and it is your first time registering, there are special identification requirements. You must provide a current and valid Florida driver’s license number (FL DL#) or Florida identification card number (FL ID#). If you do not have a FL DL# or FL ID#, then you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security number (SSN). If you do not have any of these numbers, check “None” on your application. If you leave the field and box blank, your new registration may be denied.

If you are registering by mail, have never voted in Florida, and have never been issued one of the ID numbers above, include one of the following with your application, or at a later time before you vote:

  1. A copy of an ID that shows your name and photo (acceptable IDs include the following: U.S. Passport, debit or credit card, military ID, student ID, retirement center ID, neighborhood association ID, or public assistance ID); or
  2. A copy of an ID that shows your name and current residence address (acceptable documents include the following: utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document).

The above special identification requirements are not required if you are 65 or older, have a temporary or permanent physical disability, are a member of the active uniformed services or merchant marine who is absent from the county for active duty, or a spouse or dependent thereof, or are currently living outside the U.S. but otherwise eligible to vote in Florida.

You can then deliver the application by mail or in person to any Supervisor of Elections Office, an office that issues driver’s licenses, or voter registration agency (public assistance office, center for independent living, office serving persons with disabilities, public library, or armed forces recruitment office) or the Division of Elections.

If you are a person with a disability who receives state-funded services, you can give your registration form to the agency at which you receive the services (examples include waiver support coordinators, mental health, and substance abuse providers).

In order to vote in an upcoming election, you must be registered no later than 29 days before the election. Your registration date is the date that your application is postmarked or hand-delivered to the office of any Supervisor of Elections, the Division of Elections, a driver’s license office, or other voter registration agency.

Registration Deadlines:

Primary Election

August 1, 2016: Registration Ends

General Election

October 11, 2016: Registration Ends

Your Voter Registration Card

Whether you register by mail or in person, after you turn in a completed application, the Supervisor of Elections in your area will send you a voter information card. The card will say where to go in order to cast your vote (your neighborhood polling place).

If you do not receive your card within three (3) weeks of turning in your application, or if you have any questions regarding your registration, please call your county Supervisor of Elections.

Assistance Registering

Florida law outlines the registration assistance available for individuals with disabilities.

For example, staff at your local Supervisor of Elections Office may assist by explaining the requirements for correctly filling out a voter registration application.

Florida law also requires that any state agency office or private provider on contract with a state agency providing assistance or services to individuals with disabilities must provide their applicants and clients with an opportunity to register to vote or update their voter registration. These state agencies and private providers are required to assist you with voter registration anytime you apply or reapply for services or assistance or anytime you provide a change of address.

An individual may receive assistance to register from his/her spouse, parent, or child.

Assistance is also available from a number of private individuals and organizations, such as the Florida League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote. Anyone who is not a Supervisor of Elections employee, voter registration agency employee, or a prospective registrant’s spouse, parent, or child, must register as a “third-party voter registration organization” before assisting individuals to register to vote.