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Polling Place Accessibility

Federal and state law requires Supervisor of Elections offices and polling places to be accessible. Everyone should be able to get into his or her polling place. There should be enough accessible parking, with clear signage directing you to the voting area. The sidewalks and doors should be wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through. There should be ramps or elevators if there are steps. The ramps should not be too steep and you should be able to reach the elevator controls.

If you feel that your polling place is not accessible, please contact us.

Polling Place Accessibility Checklist

Click here for downloadable checklist

  1. Did you have any problem(s) finding an accessible parking place at your polling location?
  2. Did you have any problem(s) finding the entrance to your polling place?
  3. Did you have any problem(s) getting into the building?
  4. Once you entered the building, were there enough signs to find the voting area?
  5. If you needed to use a ramp or an elevator, was one available?
  6. If you needed a ramp to enter the building or the voting area, was the ramp too steep?
  7. If you needed an elevator to enter the building or the voting area, could you reach the elevator controls?
  8. If you use a wheelchair, were you able to easily move about the voting area?

For more detail about polling place accessibility, see the ADA Checklist for Polling Places by the U.S. Department of Justice.